Anti-Aging Program

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About This Program

Aging is a natural and beautiful part of our lives. It is considered a privilege to live a long life, even with all the illnesses and complications that comes with old age. Most of us wish to grow old but, what if we could truly age gracefully? Well, studies have shown that if we practice good preventative measures and cultivate good habits in our earlier years, we can lessen the chance of developing those age-related diseases.

At Vivant Medical, we have made it our ultimate goal to help prevent chronic illnesses and reverse the damage to our body from stress, poor lifestyles, and chronic inflammation. Our approach to patient care is the focus on functional and preventative medicine.

Vivant Medical goes beyond basic lab work ordered by your general practitioners; we complete full-spectrum labs that dive into your body's metabolic/cellular function for health, hormones, nutrition, and gut health. We also test for food allergies, epigenetic, and much more.

We review your body for cellular inflammatory process, mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress that can lead to cell damage that makes those cells immunologically inefficient therefore, vulnerable to DNA damage and genetic mutations. 

This inflammatory process is the "root cause" of most chronic and age-related diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Alzheimer’s disease, heart attack, autoimmune disease, and even cancer.

This broad and very expansive search helps us find the precise solutions to truly optimize your health. We aim to help you reach wellness and longevity through early detection and strategic optimization of cellular function. Our goal is to lower your chance of developing chronic illness by reversing the risk factors that cause them.

At Vivant Medical, we use the latest advancements that are not limited to, senotherapeutics, nutraceuticals therapy, proper hormonal balance, IV nutrition therapy, detoxification, optimal weight, oxidative stress reduction, and antioxidant optimization. We are all aging, so let us embark on this journey of healthy-aging together! 

Anti-Aging Program

"I think everyone deserves to age gracefully, so I created this program to look at your health step by step and incorporate treatments that can help reduce your chances of developing chronic illnesses and other issues that will prevent you from aging as beautifully as possible."

-Dr. Moise-Johnson