Our Founder

A Message From Our Founder

Dr. Daphnee Moise-Johnson

My name is Daphnee Moise-Johnson, a graduate of the University of South Florida, College of Medicine. I received my Emergency Medicine training at North Shore University in Manhasset, New York in 2004. I have been practicing as a Board Certified emergency physician for almost 20 years and have enjoyed caring for a multitude of patients. Through the length of my career, I noted however, a rather sad and disturbing pattern. Patients coming into the ER in dire conditions, suffering from terrible illnesses; often on the brink of dying and requiring drastic life saving measures. More often than not, with amazing teamwork, those patients are successfully revived and “pieced” back together. And then what? They get whisked upstairs out of the ER, never to be heard from again, until their next crisis which is usually inevitable because all we have done is put a Band-aid on an obvious, non-healing, gaping wound. Sadly, we have not addressed the root cause of the problem. I often felt that my interventions were simply not enough. I have always wished I could do more to prevent those events which are often, but not always the results of poor lifestyles choices.

As time went by, I realized more than anything I needed to catch my patients upstream (while there is still time) rather than at the bottom of a tumultuous cascade at 4 o’ clock in the morning in the ER. Unfortunately, the ER and its hustle and bustle has not always been the best place to make much of a long term impact. For as long as I have been a doctor, my inner passion has been to practice preventive medicine. The only true way to save lives.

Now, it is time to take the Band-aids off and look at the wounds for what they really are. This has become my mission! This is how my vison of Vivant Medical came to life. A full service wellness center that places prevention and restoration in the forefront of patient care. The word “Vivant” means Living or Alive in French, my native language. It is more than a beautiful word that rolls of the tongue. It is the essence of my practice: to help my patients find the tools they need to live fulfilled and healthy lives. Truly living! The years of experience I have accrued as an emergency physician have served as an amazing foundation for my custom designed wellness program. It has given me a keen understanding to what happens when a system is left without proper maintenance. Now, I have endeavored to apply and integrate those valuable skills to a more functional and regenerative medicine methodology that will dig deeper and deliver improved, sustainable results for all my patients.

My personal mission is to guide my patients on their journey to better health and longevity. My goal is that my patients will feel rejuvenated with optimal health and wellness and feel beautiful, inside and out. Mind, body and soul.