Patients Reviews

Dr. Moise-Johnson is an amazing physician. She is attentive and knowledgeable. My health has improved due to her recommendations. I love her office. The staff is kind and always willing to answer my questions.

Vegas B.
Dr. Daphnee is an attentive, compassionate doctor who I was referred to by my Primary due ongoing health issues since a surgery. She identified exactly the right methods to determine at cellular level, my issues while immediately providing a Nutritional Boost for me. Thank You's are just not enough for what she is doing for me. Love her comfortable office setting.

Chris L.
Dr. Johnson is truly an angel of a physician. Rarely do we find a doctor so passionate to help others not only feel better on the inside, but also on the outside! A very knowledgable and out of the box solutions oriented person, who will provide me with amazing care! My results have been amazing! Beautiful office too!

Cassie P.
2 years ago, I hurt my right shoulder, broken tendon and rotator joint damage, I got to the point that I could not sleep and almost could not work. I meet with Doctor Daphnee and she told me about the EPAT Therapy. and with her care and professionalism she was able to heal my shoulder. I have my life back. I will always be in debt with Daphnee. She is the greatest Doctor I had ever meet, her love to help and care about her patients is second to none. I had put all my health and my family's on the loving hands.

Frank ML